Attitude of Society Towards the Disabled

Society has not been fair to disabled people. This process of unfair treatment towards disabled people has been going on since ages where disabled people have been considered incapable of living a normal life. They are not allowed to marked decision on their own and treated like a patient all their lives.

In the middle ages in Europe people began giving asylums for disabled people who were given basic things such as food, shelter and clothing. People who posses epilepsy have been treated as if they have a demon in them. All around the world disabled children were considered a curse on the parents and the child was considered a punishment. The attitude toward those children born with deformed limbs hasn’t been fair either with many children killed soon after birth these children as killed. They are not considered capable of taking care of themselves and only considered a burden on society. Only in the beginning of the 19th century have disabled people started getting the treatment they deserved. In the 19th and 18th centuries special houses were built for disabled persons and they were removed from their families and provided special care in these asylums. Disabled people are also provided with basic education and if they wish to continue with further education, they are push ahead. Now there are no special asylums for disabled people by integrating their education with the normal people. There are no longer segregated institutions and disabled people can live, study and work among normal people without any discrimination towards them. Special organizations have been formed that make sure that these right are followed and anyone breaking them is punished. Financial, educational and other supports are provided by the government to help disabled people overcome their disability and compete with normal people and live normally.

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